I would like to say that in order to make something better in life you actually need to do something about it to make it better!

Is that a new concept or what? – NO!

Criticizing it, bad mouthing it, spreading wild rumors, giving up on it, scorning it and any other dramatizations simple won’t make things any better!

It’s a fact and I think deep down we all know it.

We all have done it one time or another –  I definitely did it, about the Music Industry and its people. I actually walked out on the Music Industry in Hollywood! But that’s a story for another day…

There has been a lot of talk about the music industry, some good a lot of it bad…

The thing is the more you talk bad about something 2 things will surely happen:

1. It will not change or become any better.

2. It gets worse from all the criticism and negativity.

Now I am not saying some of it is not well deserved, we all know or could agree there are some major issues within the music industry.

But would you keep on talking bad about a boat sinking in high sea with a lot of people on board and were there are lives at stake?


Would you jump on it and take action to salvage the people and the boat so that in the future you can learn from the mistakes, making the boat better and safer in high sea?

Isn’t that what great people do? Isn’t that who we consider heroes do? Likefiremen’s?

They don’t sit around as spectators, criticizing house owners for causing the fire in the first place, while their property and life savings fade in flames… They handle the hell out of it – right?

Isn’t that what the Music Power Players of our Industry do? like PrinceJay-Z andTaylor Swift just to name a few, so that the Music Industry becomes the way we want it?

What do you think it would happen if the majority of us instead of just criticizing and be bystanders would join forces with the Game Changers and Visionaries of our times?

Do you think that anybody could stand a chance against ALL OF US?

I tell you what I think… I think we would be UNBEATABLE!

Let me re-phrase that… WE WOULD BE UNSTOPABLE!

I am joining forces with the Power Players of the Music Industry – these are the real artists, the real musicians, the people that are shoulder to shoulder pulling the weight on making this DREAM a REALITY!

What about YOU? Will you join US? I really hope you do. And Remember to…



          – Rui              



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